Massachusetts Personal Umbrella Insurance

You’ve probably heard the old saying, “When it rains, it pours.” Personal umbrella policies from DeSimone Insurance Group are written to help in times when this happens. You never know when disaster will strike, but preparing ahead of time can save you from many of the headaches that disaster can cause. While other insurance policies are written to protect certain aspects of your life, umbrella insurance exists to provide broad coverage that picks up where other coverage ends.

Protection for the Unexpected

No one plans on having an auto accident that totals a late-model Jaguar or kills four passengers. No one plans on being sued for something done by a guest who got drunk at a party. Unfortunately, these things happen. When they do, the cost of the incident often exceeds the normal limits of personal insurance policies. Fortunately, an affordable umbrella policy can help. With limits beginning at $1 million, this inexpensive coverage helps individuals navigate serious disasters without taking heavy personal losses.

Broad Coverage

Personal umbrella insurance provides broad coverage for many areas of life. In some cases, an umbrella policy will cover events excluded by other personal policies such as homeowners insurance or auto coverage.

Depending on your personal circumstances, you can choose higher limits or lower deductibles on an umbrella policy. Your friendly DeSimone Insurance Group agent can help you determine what options fit your lifestyle, and if you already have an umbrella policy, we can assist with a policy review to make sure you have adequate coverage at truly affordable rates.

No one expects disaster to strike, but we all know someone who has been affected by unfortunate events. Don’t wait until misfortune finds you to take action. Request your free online quote today, or call us to learn more about personal umbrella coverage.

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