Commercial Auto Insurance for Massachusetts Businesses

Does your Massachusetts business have a commercial vehicle insurance policy? You probably need one, even if your business doesn’t own a single vehicle. Personal auto coverage does not pay out if the driver is on company business when an accident happens. That means your secretary who uses a personal vehicle to run errands and the salesperson renting a car on a business trip need to be covered by commercial car insurance. Don’t panic. DeSimone Insurance Group can help.

Companies We Insure

DeSimone Insurance Group provides commercial vehicle coverage for businesses as diverse as pizzerias and florists, law firms and home-based businesses. While we offer vehicle coverage for companies such as livery services, which maintain owned fleets, we also provide non-owned policies for companies where employees are required to use their personal vehicles on company business.

Vehicles We Insure

An owned fleet might include more than cars, trucks and vans. Commercial vehicle coverage needs to be purchased for any motorized vehicles owned by your business. Landscapers, golf clubs and other organizations that use riding lawn mowers, tractors, golf carts, off-road vehicles or any other motor-powered vehicle for business need a policy that will cover liability as well as potential damage to these vehicles.

Coverage We Offer

Commercial vehicle insurance can be purchased for

  • Owned fleets
  • Non-owned vehicles
  • Hired or rented vehicles

This type of coverage will provide liability protection for your business when you or an employee drives on company business. Your DeSimone Insurance Group agent can help you determine the extent of coverage necessary for your organization. As an independent insurance agency, we’ll use our network of carriers to help you find great values for this coverage.

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